Sunday, October 20, 2019

Let's Build Software Together

I'm looking for somebody who doesn’t mind context and language shifting and doesn’t like to get locked into any one technology. I like solving problems and don’t mind solving the same problem in 2 or 3 different languages to explore the problem from different perspectives.

On any given day I’ll use at least 3 languages (C#, Structured Text, and c). Some days I’ll use 6 but I like to avoid those days.

The focus of the position will be on helping me wrap existing legacy code in tests to generate data for regression testing while also collaborating with me on next generation machine control software choices and design. We will also be working together to create in-house technical documents and also end user training materials. Desire to be continuously learning and improving is a must. This isn’t the position for somebody looking to coast.

It’s a great opportunity for somebody with a lot of curiosity and an appreciation for seeing software do something in the real world other than move data around. The machines my software controls have several 12,000 pound coils of steel on them and turn that into many thousands of pounds of heating and ventilating rectangular ductwork. We use 1,500 pounds per square inch of hydraulic pressure, electric servo drives, and variable frequency drives for most of the work.

No robots but I’ve got a machine in France that is a specialized robot of sorts… but that one is an exception.

The successful candidate will become an important and influential voice in a global family of manufacturing companies. Welty Automation is just me at the moment but I work with and within the worldwide leader in HVAC Original Equipment Manufacturing. My software is running on machines worldwide. Most of these are in North America.

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