Thursday, October 10, 2019

Unicorn Looking to Hire Another Unicorn

I’m looking for a rather unique candidate who would like to lay down roots in a long term career opportunity in a small Cedar Rapids company providing coiled metal processing equipment all over the world with Welty Automation control software on it. I’m looking to build a collaborative team to take our control software to the next level of stability and continuous improvement while responding with agility to the needs of the market.

The person I’m looking for will be a curious problem solver with an eye towards long term maintainability. We have both an existing code base to improve upon and an opportunity to begin building a new (next generation) control on new hardware with an improved development (.NET Core) environment. There will be legacy code to learn from, a transition to manage, and a foundation for the future to lay. This position will have influence on existing electrical and mechanical engineering design choices and will need to be able to communicate with non-programmers and programmers alike while also being able to stand in front of sheet metal works and shop owners while learning the needs and concerns of them all.

Does that sound interesting to you? If so, please check out my listing:

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